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As we have been striding into network information ages, real estate business is embracing its transition from backstage to the foreground. Data and internet access has made it more transparent and straightforward. It is not mission impossible anymore to sell or buy your dream property by yourself nowadays, as long as you how to educate yourself the steps with some basic knowledge and experience.

Our website is dedicated to provide you every hand-in-hand service to “Do it yourself”. We provide you as the homeowner with direct control over the process of selling your property. We offer a flat fee for all services which is the most cost-effective and saving way in the market, compared to a traditional 3%, 2% or even 1% commission.

We also understand that it is possible to be frustrating and overwhelming in the middle of the transaction by doing it yourself, and you want support or guidance on negotiating terms and prices and or looking out on contingencies and etc.. You are not alone. We are here to follow through, we only charge 1% of the sales price including all sales related services you have spent on our website.

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Redfin is famous for its sales commission as low as 1% to sell a property. Intriguing? The way of Redfin runs its business is that their agents do not get paid on a commission but only on a salary basis. They do not get any incentive on how much your house get sold – they do not care. Moreover, “your Refin agent is supported by a team of real estate professionals who help with scheduling and paperwork, so you get on-demand service from touring to close”, quoted from Redfin.com. On the reviews, you can interpret this as your agent is not only dedicated to your case, but many others’. Dealing with different real estate professionals (not licensed agents) from this team can be very time consuming, inefficient, risking and frustrating as you can imagine.

Compared to Redfin, we are way more straightforward on selling processes. You pick whatever service you want, and we make it happen. No mumble jumble. If you decide to have us represent you at the end, we have one and the only licensed agent to serve you, and only he/she knows your case the best. No miscommunications, no pointing fingers. We follow through till you are happy.

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Round Self
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Cissy graduated with a Master degree on Engineering at Texas A&M University and had worked in Oil Gas Chemicals in Engineering for couple of years at Houston. After bought, invested, and flipped couple of real estate properties, she found herself spending hours and hours on real estate websites learning and researching deals, market trend, construction…She realized that her real passion and enthusiasm lays in real estate industry, the value she can offer and contribute to individuals or the business are much more than being an engineer.

Along the years being a real estate agent, the one of most common complaints Cissy had heard from sellers is how hard to sell a property to make any profit or just break even due to the high commission they have to pay. Many have gone through couple times of selling, buying and investing in their whole life and know much better than a lot of licensed agent. All they seek is to present their listings to the right market target and follow each step with assistance from the right professionals. Understanding sellers’ demands very well, Cissy explored and founded Sellityourselftexas.com. She believes technology and network information had made this all possible and it is imperative as this is the path of the future real estate business.

Cissy believes Sellityourselftexas.com also provide a beneficial platform for buyers to work with sellers who sell by themselves. After all, the buying cost is directly impacted by commission paid out from seller.

At the end, Cissy is here very glad to answer questions you have on how this website works, as well as just any real estate related questions!

Phone: 832-880-5184

Email: hello@sellityourselftexas.com

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