Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to keeping each individual’s information private. Your personal information (email, name, phone number, postal address, and other data) submitted by you will not be shared with anyone unless you have requested it, or you have take actions on the website to permit sharing your personal information. For example, you request to post your contact information public so that a home buyer can contact you directly, or you request a free estimate and service from us or a third party.

We may collect your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website. We may also use your IP address and third party tools such as google analytics to understand the general location and types of people using the website at any given time and track visitor behavior. may use your personal information to:

• Communicate with you in regards to transactions, inquires, change and cancel orders
• Process orders and payments
• Create marketing and advertising
• Get free quote and service from a third party upon request

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Sell it yourself LLC is completely committed to keeping your information private. We have enacted the below stated Privacy Policy to reflect this commitment to you, our customer.